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At Sunshine Solar Services, we are not just your average solar company. We’re passionate about the quality of work we put into every project, and we deliver our best to each and every customer we serve. Throughout our extensive career in the solar industry, we have immersed ourselves in learning the most advanced techniques and intricacies surrounding solar panel design and installation, and as engineers, we are on a constant quest to develop and advance our knowledge of our craft. We are experts at thinking outside the box, leading with innovation, and offering value-driven solutions that deliver the most impact.

In addition to our residential and commercial solar panel installation services, we also specialize in providing off-grid solar solutions for remote areas and island locales.


large or small Residential large or small
Sunshine Solar Services is proud to be the largest installer of solar tiles in Florida, bringing homeowners cost savings, energy efficiency, and superior quality craftsmanship. Many of our designs are installed over flat, standing seam, tile, and shingle roofs, and during our initial consultation, we’ll evaluate your home and provide a proposal based on your personal energy needs. Our team will walk you through the entire process, and will go over all the things you may never have considered, including the possibility of energy efficient alternatives if solar panels are not the best fit for you. We are also happy to consult with your builder or contractor if necessary, and will provide ongoing support and maintenance long after the installation is complete. We are passionate about sustainability, and we are happy to deliver our residential customers something that will not only save them money, but something they can feel good about using every day.
financial benefits Commercial and Government financial benefits
Our team has worked with Florida businesses of every size on custom design and installation plans for commercial solar panel systems, from simple to complex. With over 13 years of experience installing commercial solar systems, we understand how to personalize your solar panel design plan to fit the unique needs of your business. Many businesses understand the financial benefit that comes along with solar panel installation, as offsetting your electricity usage will achieve significant savings on energy bills almost immediately. An added benefit is that solar panel systems typically operate effectively for over 25 years, which means that once you have recouped your initial investment, your business will continue to generate free electricity for many years to come. In addition, one of the most important tenets of corporate social responsibility is sustainability, and by installing solar panels, you’re promoting your brand as one that is investing in a future powered by clean energy. You’ll not only reduce your carbon footprint, you’ll also leave a favorable impression on your customers, employees, partners, and investors.
power anywhere anytime Island and Off-grid power anywhere anytime
Energy is expensive in the islands and other remote, off-grid locations, which is why many homeowners and businesses choose to invest in solar panels to offset rising energy costs. Off-grid solar system designs enable your home to be completely disconnected from the electrical grid, while generating enough clean energy to power the electricity needs of your home. These off-grid systems are the perfect solution for those who don’t live near power lines, want to increase personal sustainability, or simply want to gain independence from traditional energy sources. And because you are not dependent on the power grid, you’ll never need to worry about the expense of a backup generator, or facing days without power in the case of a natural weather event. Your off-grid system will be available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, even during a grid power outage. Sunshine Solar Services has implemented many successful battery and off-grid installations throughout the Florida Keys, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Mexico, many of which have been designs that are approved specifically for usage in the hurricane zone.
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